3. Identifying top funds

FE Trustnet HK lets you identify top funds by letting you select them according to performance and ratings.

The homepages of the HK Mutual funds and HK MPF sections also give you a taster of the most prominent management groups and the lowest cost funds, in addition to top performers.

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The main tool to identify top funds are the Performance League Tables

3.1 Performance League Tables

First of all, you need to decide what type of investment fund you’re interested in. FE Trustnet carries details of around 1700 Hong Kong Mutual and 370 MPF funds. Which one you choose will largely depend upon the purpose that fund is going to serve in your portfolios.

Fig 7: HK Mutual funds menu

Once you’ve chosen a fund type, click on the link marked ‘Performance League Tables’.

This page details all of the funds in the universe you’ve selected.

Fig 8: HK Mutual Fund Control Panel

Initially, you can see the fund name, the name of the group which manages the fund, and the performance of the fund over six months, one year and three years.

You can sort this list by any of the columns, so if you want to find out which fund has performed best over three years, simply click on the arrow at the top of this column highlighted in pink above.

If you want to narrow down the list of funds that you’re looking at, you can apply filters using the dropdown menus at the top of the list.

You can filter by domicile, the asset class you want exposure to, fund sector, or manager. Only funds which fit within the criteria you’ve selected will be displayed.

You may wish to look for more than one fund in a single session, so we’ve built a basket which allows you to hold all the funds which have caught your eye in a single place for ease of access. You can access this basket at any time using the basket icon on the right hand side of the page at the top.

To add a fund to your basket, simply click the green button which appears next to every fund in the Fund Performance League Tables, and make sure it is being added to the basket (rather than a portfolio).

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3.2 Ratings

FE Trustnet parent company FE provides a powerful quantitative rating system which rates funds on three key characteristics – performance, volatility and consistency.

These ratings are designed to give you a deeper feeling for how a fund has performed. A fund which has performed very well over three years, for example, might be at the top of the performance league table but may have achieved that return at the cost of very high volatility; which may mean it’s less attractive for your clients.

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